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Yes… I plead guilty.. guilty of neglecting my blog for almost 3 months – DELIBERATELY! Haha..

Why, you may ask..

  • For the greedy reason that moi, being a housewife, simply wanna earn some moolah from blogging, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to!
  • And that I made “tampo” to WordPress after discovering that I can never put ads here! *SIGH*

Now I am seriously contemplating, for the Nth time, if I should migrate to another bloghost…

Somebody help me.. puhleaaase??  THANKS MUCHO!!!



Back from Internet Hibernation!!! :-)

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ketchup bottle

I can’t believe it’s been 1 and 1/2 months since my last post!!! I just got back from the Philippines, and as much as I’d like to blog about something worth blogging, I can’t — coz all the clutter around me are desperately screaming for attention…

Laundry hollers:  Stop procrastinating you b@#tch! I’m about to erode anytime soon.. 5 more minutes and an avalanche is coming your way…

Dishes yell: Hey woman, I need a good wash right now!!! Ughh, I can still smell the remnants of your lunch!!!

Stovetop demands: Seriously.. you need to start cooking dinner NOW! Heck, you don’t even have fresh plates for later… hello???

Grumpy Bed shrieks: Ewwww… 5pm and your bed is still crumpled and all! Get your snoring hubby off me! It’s 5 in the freakin’ afternoon!!!

Luggage yaps: Can’t you at least hide me?? I don’t like hanging around the hallway ya know?!

Ironing board wonders: Uhhhm.. what am I doing in the hallway too? 

Flat Iron wonders too: Yeah.. and what the f@#$ am I doin’ on the couch?!?! 

Bathroom asks: Hello?? And when exactly are you planning to scrub me? Hello, anyone there???

Floor whines: I miss the mop and broom!!!  boohoohoo…. 

Poor Dried-up Basil plant complains: Haven’t you noticed I died from dehydration in the 3 weeks that you were gone? Why am I still sitting here in my pot and hanging from your window?? How insulting…

Happy Trashcan chuckles: Weeee…. I’m getting full.. WEEEEEEE!!!

Clutter and Stuff cheer: It’s Party Time!!! WOOT WOOT!!! 

And I — just spent a good hour on this blog.

This is wrong.

Oh well, I really have to go now.. Please bear with me.. I’ll be back soon (hopefully tomorrow) with some sane post.. First, I gotta shoo all these hallucinations away!!!


Oh Please, Chopsuey.. Please… Just Disappear… ?

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“Oh, Please, Chopsuey.. Please… Just Disappear…”  

That’s been sort of our nightly incantation for the past week, as hubby and I both cringe at the sight of  more uneaten chopsuey in the ref. We love chopsuey.. but honestly, everyday for the past 8 days??

Oh I didn’t tell you…  When our ref broke down and after I cooked the impromptu Chicken Cordon Bleu, Chicken with Cheese and Basil, and Shrimp Parmigiana, I still had loads of veggies wilting… ok so I panicked, I cooked them all into Chopsuey. Thanks to our new ref, we were able to save it from spoiling. But up to now, 8 days after, we still haven’t finished it!

After 3 or 4 days of chopsuey, I converted some of it into Chicken Mami, and it was tolerable for a while. But since I added noodles and chicken broth, it took us 3 days to finish it… believe me, it took us a lot of effort to finish it.

Still, I had some chopsuey in the ref… must have cooked it right coz the veggies were still a bit crunchy… It was perfectly fine, so no reason for it to go to waste. So last night, I converted it into Macaroni Soup… I removed the sauce, added macaroni, milk, chicken broth, turkey ham and a bit more of carrots and leftover cabbage (that were also wilting). Resourceful, but now, I have  Chicken Macaroni Soup in the ref to worry about.  We just can’t wait till all traces of that “chopsuey” is finally gone… 

One thing’s for sure. It won’t be in our menu for a very loooooong time! 😉

Déjà vu of some sort…

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Last night, hubby told me about a strange dream he had for several times already.. He dreamt that he’s still in college, and in total panic coz he just realized that he forgot to attend his classes for a couple of weeks… 

Wait a minute… that sounds familiar…

Hey, that was me!

Back in college, I was so busy (probably with my thesis or extra-curricular activities) that I did forget for a couple of weeks (or more) that I had English Literature class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. One day I just wondered why I couldn’t find my friends anywhere, then finally I realized I should be in class with them… It felt like ages since I last attended the class… It was a relief that our  professor didn’t always check our attendance, so I passed! *LOL*!!!


14 Things I Love About My Husband

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My Ate Clarisse of Coffee, Anyone?  gave me this Valentine’s tag… I’m usually too lazy to do tags like this, but it’s Love Month… so here’s my list of 14 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MY HUSBAND: 



1. He has a good heart.. He’s a wonderful person, and we have the same priorities and values. We have the same opinions on life issues. So far, our marriage has been a nice, smooth ride…  🙂

2. He’s very smart and intelligent. Even if our Valentine’s Date was postponed 😦 coz he had to stay home and work on an urgent technical problem, I couldn’t help but be proud of him because he was the only one who fully knew about that stuff.. 🙂

3. He’s so easy to please… very patient… Just feed him well, don’t let him go hungry, and he’s happy… 🙂

4. He’s very analytical… so when I’m too lazy to think about numbers and NAVIGATIONS/directions, he’s the one who does the thinking… hahaha!

5. He’s such a goal-getter (thanks too to PSI)… He has self-discipline, but doesn’t forget to indulge too. I’m so proud of his achievements… He’s a self-made man and I love it.. I was never into spoiled, rich, materialistic boys.. 😛

6. He’s very understanding… and material things do not control him… Last year, when I accidentally broke our friend’s SLR camera worth more than US $2,000 and had to replace it, he didn’t make me feel worse by blaming me… he just said it was ok and that it wasn’t entirely my fault… he cheered me up so my vacation wouldn’t be ruined. 🙂

7. He’s a positive person… he chooses to see the good side of things… believe me, it’s wonderful to live with a person like that instead of hearing complaints day in and day out…

8.  He’s so funny!!! We’re always laughing….We’re crazy funny when we’re together. 🙂

9. He can always read my mind…  It’s so weird.. we almost always crave for the same things… Like I would think of something, and he’d say it a few minutes after… weird…. 🙂 At the grocery the other day, I was craving for apple juice but didn’t say anything.. then he said  he wanted apple juice… then I craved for peaches… a few minutes after, he said he wanted peaches! I was secretly hoping for a Louis Vuitton bag, and he gave me one for Valentines! 🙂

10. He’s very sweet and affectionate… (not so much in front of people though… working on it! hehe)… and when we hug, we’re like two hugging souls.. cheesy but true. 😛

11. He loves travelling as much as I do! We both have itchy feet…  🙂

12. He knows I’m afraid of birds and chicken feathers, so he carefully checks out the chicken we buy and makes sure it doesn’t have bits of feathers left… hahaha… big deal for me! 🙂

13. He cleans the most unpleasant parts of our flat… things that make girls.. nauseous. 😛

14. He’s got a great smile… I find him really cute and guapo.. and when he sleeps, he looks like a cute cartoon.. I love his chubby cheeks 🙂

Pass the love around!

I’m tagging Tani and Sheila to do the same! 🙂

Sucked Out of the Muggle World!

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Please excuse my hiatus. I’d stumbled upon a portkey and had been sucked out of the muggle world.. joined Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley in their nonstop adventure in Hogwarts…

Stuffed myself with foaming butterbeer, firewhisky, couldron cakes and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, watched Quidditch games, and sat in Arithmancy and Divination classes… occasionally visited Hagrid too, who made rock cakes and tea for me while showing off Buckbeak’s new tricks. hehe… 🙂

Seriously, I’m addicted to Harry Potter books (again!). Hehehe… I got sick with bronchitis right after New Year, so I was advised to have bedrest for several days. Fortunately, my sister had a complete set of Harry Potter books which I’d been reading all over again. After reading the 7th and last book a few months ago,  I swore to myself that I would read all the books again and now I’m doing it.. yey! 🙂

I highly recommend Potter fans to re-read all books coz the twists in the final book would give you a different perspective when you read it all over again. Also, it would be like reading Harry Potter for the first time, because the gaps between each book release were so long that more often than not, you’d have forgotten the details already by the time  you move on to the next book. Now I’m reading one book after another and the story flows smoothly… I’m just so happy to be back in the wizarding world! Hats off to J.K. Rowling for making such a wonderful, creative, and addictive book.  🙂

I’m looking forward to the day that they open a Harry Potter Theme Park or its own special area in Universal Studios.. I would do anything to go there! 🙂

ron-weasley2My favorite character is, and always has been, the comical redhead — Ron Weasley! 

When I have a new dog, I think I’m gonna name him Weasley… 🙂



Ain’t it sad to see them growing up so fast? Ron’s such a dahling! 😉


Coffee Alamid: Want some Cat Poop Coffee? :-)

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Last Dec. 26, we celebrated my mom’s birthday at Sophia’s, Alabang… Food was really good! My uncle brought with him a jar of  “Coffee Alamid” beans, literally made from civet poop or droppings hehe! The restaurant was kind enough to brew the coffee for us so we got to experience drinking it. After the first sip, I realized it didn’t taste anything like animal poop so I enjoyed drinking it with my cousins. I’m no coffee connoisseur so I can’t really describe it well but it tasted very good. Best of all, it was a great experience drinking cat poop coffee! Hehehe! 🙂

Here’s more info about Coffee Alamid:

Of all the coffee produced in the world, there is nothing more rare and expensive than the alamid coffee from the Philippines. But if you think this coffee comes from the usual sources, think again. The alamid coffee actually comes from the droppings of the Civet, a common cat like mammal related to the mongoose which is considered a pest by the Filipino farmers, but are also hunted for their meat.  

Civets are carnivorous mammals but they do eat the red coffee cherries that contain the beans which they are fond of. The consumed coffee cherries pass through the civet whole after fermenting in the stomach and that’s what gives the coffee its exquisite taste and aroma. Local farmers have discovered that their droppings are worth their weight in gold but its very hard to gather the beans from their droppings since they have to trek through the mountains and the thick undergrowth just to be able to gather the coffee droppings.

Once gathered, the beans are then carefully washed and left to dry in the wind and later to be packaged and mostly exported. Although the alamid coffee does have it’s charm and exquisite taste, like any other specialty coffee, it’s not everyones cup of tea. Some people might have trouble drinking it especially if they learned where the coffee comes from. (