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My Arabian Dream… coming soon! :-)

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Ok let’s face it… hubby and I are here in Dubai for work purposes and not really for leisure…

Bored with our dull routine, I looked up places where we can explore and find out more about Middle Eastern culture. One time, I dragged my hubby to explore the Dubai Museum (which turned out not to be the main museum, but a government office/gallery, oops… ) Excitedly took pictures and all… then hubby laughed at me and said as if we’re tourists… I looked back at him and smiled.. “hell, yeah we ARE tourists!!! We pay so much to see and explore other countries, and it’s ironic that we’ve been here for quite a while already (2 years for him), and yet we haven’t seen the really interesting places… For me, being a “tourist or traveller” is more of a state of mind… This is actually a good opportunity for us to experience the immensely rich Arabian culture! 

Dubai is a very modern city, filled with too many new malls and structures, but it doesn’t quench my thirst for mid-eastern culture.. I don’t really appreciate modern stuff as much as old culture-y stuff. I looked up possible weekend getaways, but it wasn’t very easy coz I had one major restriction — a big NO-NO to modern hotels/resorts! — and  Dubai, as we all know, is such a new city, some even call it an “artificial city”.. *sob* 

I thirst for old Arabian architecture, decor, Moroccan lamps (ohhh how I love them!), local cuisine, ambiance… the works! 

After days of googling and checking with our friends, I finally found the perfect place for a weekend getaway at Jumeirah Bab Al Shams Desert and Resort Spa! (right smack in the desert, baby! *wink*) A bit overbudget, so we’ll just wait for our First Wedding Anniversary in a few weeks so we can celebrate at the same time… Nevertheless, we already booked last night, and specifically requested a room overlooking the desert! ohhh… sounds like the perfect Arabian paradise! 

 I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! 🙂 This experience will definitely go to our Memories of a Lifetime Bank”… 

My advice to fellow Pinoys in UAE —  do stretch a bit and treat yourself to some wonderful Arabian experience.. Make sure to bring home beautiful memories with you before you leave this desert city. Money’s as good as nothing if you can’t enjoy it once in a while, right?… 

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Dusty Side of Dubai – Update :-)

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Hi! Weather’s improving the past couple of days… It’s actually cool at 21-23°C (69.8-73.4°F). According to news, temperature will go down tonight to 18°C or 64.4°F. Not bad! So no more dust storm lately.. I don’t wake up anymore to the smell of dust.. Yipee!

The Dusty Side of Dubai…

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*Yawn* It’s been over a week since I last posted.. I’ve been too lazy to post here, plus the fact that I’ve been kinda busy dusting and mopping… (very domestic “UN-goddessyou know..) The dust here is driving me crazy… Lately I’ve been driven up the wall by some sort of dust storm… (hello, desert!)

It was cold when I went back here early Feb, but for some reason, summer’s creeping earlier than usual…  Last week, hubby looked out the window and was actually happy to see the fog outside.. and typically, I replied in jest, “What fog? That’s all dust, hello?” and I was surprised when a friend told us that there was a sandstorm and it wasn’t fog indeed, but DUST. And since that day, dust has bothered my life.. 

So, how’s it like living in a dusty city? Let me just make it clear that Dubai is a beautiful and extremely wealthy place.. but just for now, let me focus on the “dust” part, which I’m sure, other desert cities experience too…

  • When you park your car outside, it will be covered in dust as if you left it for months (or some cases, years)… so I wonder how people can still drive around the city in their expensive top-down sportscars.. In worst cases, I heard you even have to use the wiper…
  • Before sleeping last night (arnd 1am), I placed my book on the table, and when I woke up at 8:30am it’s already dusty!
  • I can feel the dust on my rubber slippers
  • My computer mouse is dusty, and I just used it yesterday
  • Our clotheslines get dusty too, so I have to check it before hanging our clothes to dry, coz otherwise, it will stain our clothes
  • We can’t leave our clothes out to dry for more than a day coz it’s gonna get dusty
  • Lately, morning greets me with the smell of dust that I have to breathe under the cover. ugh… (what I cannot understand is, hubby couldn’t smell it!)
  • Lately, I worry if living here would somehow affect our lungs… knock on wood..

I wonder when it will go back to normal… normal, meaning still dusty but not the type that I’d wake up smelling dust in the air.. hmm..


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Camels Are Not So Lazy After All!

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camel-smile  camel3

Hi! I’m back in Dubai… back to my old boring housewife routine — which basically means doing everything with my eyes glued to the TV, hehe! 

Just wanted to share my “thrill” of the day… (I might be the only one thrilled here, but whaddaheck… it’s something new to me! hehehe!)

I was channel surfing… and what do I find?

Racing, galloping CAMELS!!! What, camels actually run like horses?!?


Forgive me for this dumbo moment, but I’ve always had the impression that our humped desert friends are sooo lazy coz they always seem to walk slow on TV and pictures… Well, I thought very wrong…what are those long legs for??  Hehe! Below is a camel race video clip I got on YouTube…  

Uhmm… Do tell me, I’m itching to know…

Am I the only one here who didn’t know that camels… actually run? geez… 😛