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Anthony Bourdain in the Philippines!

Posted in All About Food!, RECIPES EXCHANGE :), Uncategorized with tags , , , on February 18, 2009 by ketchupplease

anthony-bourdain*SOB* I just read my Ate Clarisse’s blog. I can’t believe this, Anthony Bourdain went to the Philippines last November – and I had no inkling! I like this guy.. he’s so cute and sexy, kinda like George Clooney.. and I LOOOVE his show, “No Reservations” on Travel Channel.  

If only I knew that he was coming, honestly, I would have volunteered to be a production assistant, or crew, utusan, or whatever (I’m dead serious!). I just wanna meet him and see him eat our native cuisine. (It would be nice to eat with him too. I can’t help but think that my mom would actually do a good job as host to Mr. Bourdain coz she loves feeding everyone.. and a trip to our ancestral house would give him a brief experience in Philippine history too– just some wishful thinking.. harhar)

I’m extremely proud of our Cebu Lechon, so I’m very happy to know that he loved it, and in fact,  gained the No. 1 slot in his “Best Roasted Pigs in the World List”.   Check out Anthony Bourdain’s blog and pics of his visit in MarketManila.