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Domain Registration Headaches :P

Posted in Confession Box / Rants!!! on September 17, 2009 by ketchupplease

Hayayayayyyy… I can never count with my fingers and toes and even hair perhaps (lol) the number of times I’ve attempted to register a new blog (that can actually earn)… Finally, my Paypal is A-ok! (but I can’t put ads naman in WordPress!)

So I tried again to make a new blogsite, and tried to get a domain thru Blogger… my credit card wouldn’t get thru so I used my hubby’s.. Losing patience after maybe the 20th time.. (uhuh not so bad) and then I encountered an error requiring me to refresh the page.. Alas, when I refreshed it, it said there was already an existing order for the domain… I got no confirmation message, no email.. NOTHING…

And so there was this message to contact “Support”.. Wow… I have been looking for hours already for an email, somebody to contact in Google or Blogger.. UNBELIEVABLE… It was all just FAQ’s and Forums.. how the heck can i get verification from forums?! By displaying my personal registration details to everyone?!?!?!

Hayayayayay.. pakshit talaga =(

Would I ever be able to finish this? I hate pa naman these things! Pag maka-set up na ko ng blog ko that’s earning, nakuuuuuu magpapa-party na talaga ko! Hanep na all the blood, sweat and tears that I’ve been spending for this effort 😛

ARGGGH gusto ko na sabunutan sarili ko!\




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Yes… I plead guilty.. guilty of neglecting my blog for almost 3 months – DELIBERATELY! Haha..

Why, you may ask..

  • For the greedy reason that moi, being a housewife, simply wanna earn some moolah from blogging, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to!
  • And that I made “tampo” to WordPress after discovering that I can never put ads here! *SIGH*

Now I am seriously contemplating, for the Nth time, if I should migrate to another bloghost…

Somebody help me.. puhleaaase??  THANKS MUCHO!!!


Back from Internet Hibernation!!! :-)

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ketchup bottle

I can’t believe it’s been 1 and 1/2 months since my last post!!! I just got back from the Philippines, and as much as I’d like to blog about something worth blogging, I can’t — coz all the clutter around me are desperately screaming for attention…

Laundry hollers:  Stop procrastinating you b@#tch! I’m about to erode anytime soon.. 5 more minutes and an avalanche is coming your way…

Dishes yell: Hey woman, I need a good wash right now!!! Ughh, I can still smell the remnants of your lunch!!!

Stovetop demands: Seriously.. you need to start cooking dinner NOW! Heck, you don’t even have fresh plates for later… hello???

Grumpy Bed shrieks: Ewwww… 5pm and your bed is still crumpled and all! Get your snoring hubby off me! It’s 5 in the freakin’ afternoon!!!

Luggage yaps: Can’t you at least hide me?? I don’t like hanging around the hallway ya know?!

Ironing board wonders: Uhhhm.. what am I doing in the hallway too? 

Flat Iron wonders too: Yeah.. and what the f@#$ am I doin’ on the couch?!?! 

Bathroom asks: Hello?? And when exactly are you planning to scrub me? Hello, anyone there???

Floor whines: I miss the mop and broom!!!  boohoohoo…. 

Poor Dried-up Basil plant complains: Haven’t you noticed I died from dehydration in the 3 weeks that you were gone? Why am I still sitting here in my pot and hanging from your window?? How insulting…

Happy Trashcan chuckles: Weeee…. I’m getting full.. WEEEEEEE!!!

Clutter and Stuff cheer: It’s Party Time!!! WOOT WOOT!!! 

And I — just spent a good hour on this blog.

This is wrong.

Oh well, I really have to go now.. Please bear with me.. I’ll be back soon (hopefully tomorrow) with some sane post.. First, I gotta shoo all these hallucinations away!!!


BPI’s Crappy Customer Service #!@#@!#

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Uh-oh… somebody’s in a verrry bad mood…    HIDE!!!

 customer6 customer11jpg

Sorry for the negative post, but I really need to vent out my frustration on BPI Credit Cards Customer (Non)Service!

Here’s a quick overview of my story:

Hubby and I are account holders of BPI Philam Tower Makati. I have been issued a pre-approved credit card which I’d been requesting for pickup at the branch for 2 weeks already. I badly need that card before I leave for Dubai…  I have other cards, but the only reason why I’m interested with the BPI card is because we send our remittances to our BPI account coz we have auto debit arrangements in our checking account. I wanted to enroll our insurance and utility bills on the BPI card before I leave so we can just easily pay it all with BPI Express Online.

I came back to the Philippines for a vacation and called 89-100 last January 12 to request for the card replacement and for pickup at the branch because usually nobody’s home to receive deliveries.. Here’s what happened:

  • The hotline CSR told me that card pickup is not allowed. He told me to go to the branch to make my request there.
  • Went to the branch, they said that I should make the request thru 89-100, not to them.
  • While in the branch, I called 89-100 and the CSR told me that yes, it could be done in 5 working days. (Completely opposite of what the other CSR advised me the previous night!) Isn’t it ironic that I had to go out of my way to go to the branch to call 89-100 to make the request!
  • Since I’m there already, I wanted to update my records to married status and open a Time Deposit. The bank CSR who assisted me just left to get my update forms- then she forgot about me! I waited for 30-45 minutes and still there was no sign of her remembering my request. I talked to another CSR..and then finally she glanced at me and then she remembered. She acted so casual about it like she was gone for only 1 minute. DUH?
  • After 5 working days, I called the branch, card wasn’t there.
  • I called 89-100, but I was advised to call branch directly for confirmation after a few days.
  • Called the branch, and was told that I should be calling 89-100 instead coz that’s the Credit Card Services. (Ano ba talaga ha!@#@!?!)
  • Yesterday I called 89-100 and yelled at the CSR, hoping this would somehow speed things up! She told me that the the branch REFUSED TO ACCEPT THE CARD from the courier because there was no specific contact person indicated. She said she will have the card delivered to the branch again, and told me to follow up today.
  • I sent an email complaint yesterday to, and guess what, I was advised to GO BACK to the branch to make the SAME REQUEST for pickup. Gave me exactly the same crappy service I had just complained to them about!
  • Called 89100 today to follow up and I was advised to call the branch (what’s new?).  I asked the CSR to give me a contact person in the branch because I’m so tired of being passed on from one person to another, para kong basketball!  As we were wrapping up, I asked for her name, AND THE BIATCH MUST HAVE PANICKED, PUT ME ON MUTE MODE, THEN HUNG UP ON ME! And I was not even planning to complain about her at all. I just wanted her name for future reference! Now I’m complaining about her too… sheesh…

This is part of my reply to their advise for me to go back to the branch again to make the same pickup request:

Can anyone at least be PROACTIVE enough to give me details?
An efficient staff would offer solutions, contact persons and definite timeframe.

I’m very disappointed that you have not given me any definite answers at all. You merely advised me to go back to the branch to make the same request. Who knows what they will tell me when I go there?
I am receiving the same poor, inefficient service that everyone else has given me. 
I don’t need your apology template. What I need are quick action and definite answers please.

Make sure that your supervisor reads this too. ( Ang sungay, lumalabas hehe…)

I have never appreciated HSBC’s service this much. With HSBC, all it takes is to talk to ONE person and everything will be done in a few days! I have never realized how an efficient employee I must have been at HSBC coz I diligently attended to our clients’ concerns, made follow-ups myself and coordinated with different departments to ensure that requests are properly executed.

I’m having so much headache with this stupid plastic card, but I admit I really need it to easily manage our bills while overseas. I NEED THAT CARD BEFORE I LEAVE! ARGGHHH!!#!@##$!#%

I’m so tired of all these. 😦

If I were the customer service representative, this is how I will answer:

“Ms. Customer, I’m sorry to hear about the dissatisfactory service you have experienced. I understand that you have been following up several times already for your card which you have requested to pick up at our branch. You have clearly said that this concern is of urgent matter. This is what I can do for you. I will contact the departments involved and clarify with them the status of your request. I will also elevate this issue to my supervisor and I will do my best to process your request without you having to go back to the branch to make a new request all over again. 

I apologize for all the hassle that you may have experienced. I assure you that I will personally take charge of your concern and will do everything I can so that your card will be ready for pickup by Friday, January 30. I will call you by tomorrow, 10am to inform you of any developments.  Would it be alright to call you at that time or would you prefer me to call you at a different time? Thank you for keeping your interest in our credit card.”

Can somebody please, please forward this to BPI Credit Card Services HR and Training Department so they can review the trainings they’ve been giving to their Customer Service Representatives?! I do not enjoy making complaint letters, but I’m giving this feedback so BPI can do something about their training programs! Maybe they should get me as a trainor, it seems I know more about customer service skills than anyone of them!


A Housewife’s Struggle with Bird Phobia :-O

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(Cartoons edited from and

I used to love birds…  In fact, when I was still a kid, I used to have lovebirds as pets.. until I had some really appalling experiences which led me to have this hounding fear of birds… especially dead ones. I’m actually tempted to enumerate those experiences but on second thought, I don’t want my readers to turn into ornithophobic themselves. Hehehe…

I was relieved to read online that there are other people suffering from the same fear.  I am so terrified of dead birds that I always jump whenever I “THINK” I see one (even had nightmares before). My hubby says its all in my mind coz 100% of the time, what I thought was a dead bird was never one (unless he just didn’t wanna tell me). For some reason, I’ve had a lot of encounters with dead birds (like bird falling on our windshield, twice!!! Good thing I wasn’t with my husband in the car when it happened the 3rd time! And that happened both in Philippines and Dubai).

And now that I’m married – and cooking everyday – it got worse… It became quite a struggle for me to cook chicken (weird huh..) after buying a frozen chicken which still had some bits of feathers left… To me, a chicken with some feathers makes it look more like a dead bird rather than a “main course”. When I saw it, I was alone in our apartment and I really felt like crying, but I had no choice but to cook our dinner.  It was so nasty that I wrapped my hands in plastic bags coz I couldn’t touch it.. ughh.. After that, I couldn’t eat chicken for days… We started buying skinless chicken in the grocery but that didn’t really make my chickenholic hubby very happy, hehe. Now, I have my husband inspect first if the chicken is totally clean before I even touch it. It’s his job to pluck the tiniest bit of feather left, harharhar… and I hardly eat chicken skin now… 😛

Here in Dubai, it irritates me that I see so many feathers around! Bird feathers on the streets, sidewalks, everywhere! So I always have to be extra careful when walking, lest I see or – God forbid! – step on a dead bird somewhere. It’s common here for PEOPLE to suffer from hairfall due to the quality of water and the climate…  but it’s quite surprising that birds suffer from falling feathers too. hehe. 

Anyway, I researched online, and the cure for this seems to be only thru hypnosis… Well I guess I’m not yet in such a bad state to go through that… no… uhmm… Am I? Hmm… 😛