Domain Registration Headaches :P

Hayayayayyyy… I can never count with my fingers and toes and even hair perhaps (lol) the number of times I’ve attempted to register a new blog (that can actually earn)… Finally, my Paypal is A-ok! (but I can’t put ads naman in WordPress!)

So I tried again to make a new blogsite, and tried to get a domain thru Blogger… my credit card wouldn’t get thru so I used my hubby’s.. Losing patience after maybe the 20th time.. (uhuh not so bad) and then I encountered an error requiring me to refresh the page.. Alas, when I refreshed it, it said there was already an existing order for the domain… I got no confirmation message, no email.. NOTHING…

And so there was this message to contact “Support”.. Wow… I have been looking for hours already for an email, somebody to contact in Google or Blogger.. UNBELIEVABLE… It was all just FAQ’s and Forums.. how the heck can i get verification from forums?! By displaying my personal registration details to everyone?!?!?!

Hayayayayay.. pakshit talaga =(

Would I ever be able to finish this? I hate pa naman these things! Pag maka-set up na ko ng blog ko that’s earning, nakuuuuuu magpapa-party na talaga ko! Hanep na all the blood, sweat and tears that I’ve been spending for this effort 😛

ARGGGH gusto ko na sabunutan sarili ko!\



6 Responses to “Domain Registration Headaches :P”

  1. what?? i didn’t know registering for a domain through blogger is THAT hard. i’m with, you wanna try them out? they’re SO cheap and i’ve never had a down time. lemme know if you need help setting up and everything.

    add me up in Yahoo messenger if you have a Yahoo account. it’s wahmaholic. i’ll wait for you. para we can end your frustration once and for all. hehe 😀

  2. steelmagnolia72 Says:


  3. how’s the domain registration going? i can set it up if you like 😉

    just leave me a message or something.

    contrary to how i appear in on the outside (harassed), i do have some spare time in my hand from time to time. LOL.

    so lemme know 🙂

  4. toinks i offered my help na pala earlier. LOL. anu b yun. hihihi

  5. tanivillamora Says:

    really, sis? you can’t put ads in wordpress? balak ko pa naman eventually mag-paid blogging.

  6. sis may domain ka na ba? ako din want to have my own na eh.

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