Oh Please, Chopsuey.. Please… Just Disappear… ?



“Oh, Please, Chopsuey.. Please… Just Disappear…”  

That’s been sort of our nightly incantation for the past week, as hubby and I both cringe at the sight of  more uneaten chopsuey in the ref. We love chopsuey.. but honestly, everyday for the past 8 days??

Oh I didn’t tell you…  When our ref broke down and after I cooked the impromptu Chicken Cordon Bleu, Chicken with Cheese and Basil, and Shrimp Parmigiana, I still had loads of veggies wilting… ok so I panicked, I cooked them all into Chopsuey. Thanks to our new ref, we were able to save it from spoiling. But up to now, 8 days after, we still haven’t finished it!

After 3 or 4 days of chopsuey, I converted some of it into Chicken Mami, and it was tolerable for a while. But since I added noodles and chicken broth, it took us 3 days to finish it… believe me, it took us a lot of effort to finish it.

Still, I had some chopsuey in the ref… must have cooked it right coz the veggies were still a bit crunchy… It was perfectly fine, so no reason for it to go to waste. So last night, I converted it into Macaroni Soup… I removed the sauce, added macaroni, milk, chicken broth, turkey ham and a bit more of carrots and leftover cabbage (that were also wilting). Resourceful, but now, I have  Chicken Macaroni Soup in the ref to worry about.  We just can’t wait till all traces of that “chopsuey” is finally gone… 

One thing’s for sure. It won’t be in our menu for a very loooooong time! 😉


4 Responses to “Oh Please, Chopsuey.. Please… Just Disappear… ?”

  1. How about lumpiang chopsuey? hehehe. Here’s my new domain. I bought one! Please include it in your list. You might want to follow the activity there because I’m building it up from scratch and intentionally for revenue later on. I miss you!!! beli mats


  2. Please add my Wonder Wifey site to your roll. I’ll buy you a domain, let me know what you like. You can apply it to blogspot…so easier coz you’re used to it.

  3. yo baby. i heard you’re out shopping today. or was that yesterday. trins, have you considered getting a tagboard so people can leave messages. hehehe. miss u.

  4. trin, if capable yung wordpress platform to accommocate HTML, you can get the code at shoutmix or other tagboards. you can click on the link through my tagboard. tapos paste mo sa isang column mo if accepting HTML. sa own domain, i’m experimenting if i can monetize it further by putting ads, and being an affiliate for let’s say amazon.com, did you see my ads? pero so far, no income yet. huhuhu. anyway, i miss you and rj very much. i was down for 2 1/2 and off work due to strep throat…tonsillitis galore. i thought of you. super sakit siya. di ba ikaw lagi ka tonsillitis dati. lazy saturday lang kami. kuya aldoy and i were in bed from 2pm up to right now 7:13 na. we watched a pinoy flick kanina, then fell asleep. under tons of laundry. as in nakapatong sa blanket near our feet. hahaha. i have to fold now. miss you and luv you very much!

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