Christmas is Just Around the Corner! Ho-ho-ho! :)

santaclaus    christmas-tree-dog-sweater

I’m back in the Philippines! Back in my old corner here in Batangas where I spend late nights huddled over my laptop, as my faithful and loving pooch Milo sleeps under my chair … 🙂 

I’m feeling the familiar Christmas cool breeze and rainshowers… I love, love, love it! Just a few weeks away and we’ll be putting up our tall Christmas tree with its old musty scent that makes me feel perfectly “at home”. Memories of my childhood are pouring in, such as those nights when I always tried to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus but I never saw him coz he always came as soon as I start to doze off. Or one exciting Christmas eve when I found “sleigh tracks” covered in icy snow on our window sill and a letter handwritten by Santa Claus himself… hard proofs that “Santa Claus” indeed visited me that Christmas eve… hehe! It was a joint production of our helpers and my family, I found out after several years… 🙂 

I love Christmas… In fact, when I left for Dubai last August, I actually filled my Ipod with about 200 Christmas Songs (Disney, Smurfs, Chipmunks, etc… I prefer happy melodies.) I can listen to Christmas songs during summer and it will never fail to make me smile.

It’s just sad that I’ll be spending Christmas away from my husband… Our first Christmas as hubby and wife will be spent continents apart. I guess I can’t bear leaving my parents alone to spend Christmas in this big empty ancestral house with other people to celebrate with -who are not family. Some sacrifices and adjustments had to be made. Our parents have sacrificed so much for us, and I guess it’s time show our gratefulness by making a few sacrifices ourselves. I’ll be my hubby’s representative too in their family celebrations. 

My hubby and I just decided to celebrate Christmas earlier in Australia. My parents, inlaws, and I are flying to Australia on Nov. 14, and hubby will meet us there.  I really hope we can pursue with our plan to have a romantic Christmas dinner in Melbourne before he leaves on Dec. 1. So tomorrow, my top agenda is to buy a special Christmas gift for my very special hubby!

Barely a week here in the Philippines and I’m hopping on a plane again to Sydney, then to Melbourne. I feel so blessed. Thank you God for all your blessings… I feel like I’d been spending Christmas everyday for the past few months. When I come home in December, giving back is definitely on our list. But maybe that’s not something to write about. When you want to truly give back to the universe, it should be kept within your heart. 😉


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  1. Merry Christmas…..

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